The SMC office visits ITEKNIA

The hotel chain Grupo Vidanta, a leading developer of Resorts in Latin America, will launch the first luxury cruise of its property for the next 2019 year. The cruise will be called Elegant and will feature 151 cabins designed with doble space and luxury than most commercial cruises.

OF course there will also be bars, swimming pools, beauty salon, spa, among many other amusements.
The SMC office carries out the interior design of the Elegant Cruise, and have provided cutting-edge, cutting-edge integral design solutions of high quality to its global customers dedicated to nautical rotation as Viking Cruises, P&O, Norwegian, Crystal, Princes, Royal Caribbean for the last years with very versatile, efficient and highly assertive results.

The personnel of Iteknia worked hard together with Grupo Vidanta and the SMC office carrying out a project reading and revision of furniture already produced by Iteknia for this purpose. The results of this session of work were pleasantly satisfactory, resulting in decision making and good flow regarding the equipment of furniture in the Elegant Cruise.