Our customers recommend us

‘As president of the Hotel Association of the State of Jalisco, I recognize that it is very important for our members to have efficient suppliers with the quality required in maintenance projects of Jalisco hotel business.

Iteknia is a professional company specialized in the manufacture of furniture, in addition to the development of maintenance projects in hotel furniture and its references in multiple contracts fulfilled in a timely manner with the work done in the State of Jalisco and from Jalisco to the inside of theMexican Republic. ‘

Benito Fong González, Director of New Galicia Hotels
‘In our daily work as promoters of the Furniture Industry of Jalisco, it is not usual to find that a furniture manufacturer also specializes in the service and development of remodeling projects, also integrating other members of the House in the performance of work throughout the country.

For the Furniture industry being at the service of users as important as the Hotel Industry is a really important challenge.

Congratulations to Iteknia for outstanding results.’

Evelyn Hernández Underwood, La Casa del Equipal y Artesanías S.A. de C.V.
‘Iteknia, thanks to your support, logistics, development of solutions and excellent quality at the best price allowed us for several years to be the best choice in the industry in its field for the attention of investment projects in the hotels I’ve had in my charge.

The service has been key to achieve much greater advances in delivery time of assigned works with excellent workmanship that have enabled us even in high occupancy stages to make changes without complaints or delays.

The personal supervision of the owner and his staff are key to success for the development of the operation that exists as hiring them that is why I would personally recommend the services of such an excellent company.’

Alejandro Ruiz, Grupo Vidanta
‘We have more than 7 years working with Iteknia, their service is excellent and personalized, their work is professional and detailed. They have the same service from a single pad to elaborate investment projects, they are always in the best position to serve its customers. In addition to meeting deadlines, always keep me informed on the status of my orders. No small job for them, all jobs are important, highly recommend them. I take this opportunity to urgently suggest a branch in Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay … ‘
Irma Iñiguez, Grupo Vidanta, Mandarina and Four Seasons
‘In order to realize our projects we turn to specialists to achieve the expected results.

Our priority is the selection of materials to be used and faithful implementation of our ideas.

Resorting to Iteknia allows us to guarantee our work and with their advice and professionalism we were able to solve our designs holistically.

We are backed by experience and it is shown by the high quality, functionality and cutting-edge designs we have done together ‘

Joaquín Homs, Collective Architects