The Secretary for Economic Development of the State of Jalisco Ing. Alfonso Ulloa Velez and the Financial Secretary Lic. Martin Mendoza Lopez participated in the inauguration of a laser cutter for fabric developed with the advice Iteknia Research Center in Optics Conacyt.

Among many distinguished guests it highlighted the presence of:
Lic. Martha Teresita Leon Mejia, Director of Supply Chain Sectors of Seproe
Mr. Rafael Flores Pérez President of Association of Furniture Manufacturers in Jalisco,
Lic. Javier Ramos Saenz Pardo, President of CAREINTRA Lic. Martin Ramirez, Director of Cluster Furniture in Jalisco
Lic. Patricia Hernandez, Monterrey Technological Eurocentro Mtra. Sara Ortiz Cantu, coordinator of the Technology Center ITESO
MSc. Alfonso Cota Foncerrada, Director of Engineering Innovation and Design, Universidad Panamericana

The event held at the premises of the company included a demonstration of equipment operation, conviviality between guests and staff of the company and a tour of the facilities of the same.