Our designer Gabriela Monzon and Eduardo Macias, Director General, attended Designer Karim Rashid conference in Aguascalientes.

Rashid was born in Cairo, Egypt. He is one of the most versatile designers of his generation.

Raised in Canada, he was educated at Carleton University in Ottawa. He studied for a time in Italy in 1993 and opened his own studio in New York City. About 3000 designs in production, 300 awards and working in about 35 countries, Karim has become a design legend.

Part of the work of this designer is exposed in 20 permanent collections in art galleries and museums around the world.

Design philosophy:
It favors a sensitivity of “democratic” design, suggesting a high quality accessible to the masses.
Its approach to design can be described as functional and comprehensive, following the simplest,
and in the most elegant way can be effective and ergonomic, meeting the requirements of the functional part of the object.