We share a topic of interest from the press related to issues in our sector: If you are a traveler, you have surely come across the term “boutique hotel” many times. Boutique hotels tend to be smaller and more original than chain hotels. But do you know exactly what it is? Here we will learn to identify them.

According to information on the Les Boutique Hotels site, boutique hotels have certain characteristics that differentiate them from ordinary hotels, making them a more intimate and personalized option to stay.

Although there is no single and international classification of what a boutique hotel is, some essential characteristics can be identified. For example, these are exclusive spaces, because they have few rooms (although it is not necessarily a small property, it may be few suites, but a lot of space in each one).

Another of the most important things is that boutique hotels have a special, attractive and unrepeatable design, which is far from the standard followed by a hotel chain. It could be a historic house with antique furniture, a series of cabanas a few steps away on the beach, or a super luxurious residence decorated by design studios, to name a few very different examples.

On the other hand, the same site explains that boutique hotels offer a personalized service to give their guests a unique experience, which is why they also put at your disposal a series of activities that make your stay in that place something you’ll remember. Despite the fact that there are no mandatory requirements to consider a boutique hotel as such, these types of places are usually found in fashionable areas or in city centers where the most striking cultural points are located.

The Covington Travel blog points out that boutique hotels also stand out for their individuality, meaning that few boutique hotels are run by large hotel companies; Most are independent companies that seek to give their guests a unique experience. However, more and more hotel chains are creating their own boutique hotel divisions, so the line between them is blurring.

They are also known for having a special personality, some can offer you services that not in any hotel would give you. For example, some boutique hotels have their own lines of bathroom amenities, run exclusive guided tours, or have developed unusual spa treatments (such as the beer bath at the Casa Diamante hotel in Mineral de Pozos, Guanajuato).

Sometimes guests have the option of requesting decorative objects, pillows, or whatever is available to make the most of their stay.