The lobby is the letter of introduction of a hotel, it is the welcome for the guests and the opportunity to transmit at first impression a cozy, comfortable and safe environment; giving them the message that you have arrived at a place where you will feel at home, as well as generating a different experience.

The lobby of a hotel is more attractive when it has spaciousness and striking aspects that leave the style of the place very defined. This represents a challenge as it is an area where different elements are combined, furniture with different personalities.

At Iteknia we have achieved with design and technology, harmonize the spaces and transmit the message that the designer had imagined. To create a new first impression on each customer visit.

Our clients ask us the estimated and recommended time to keep a lobby permanent, our experience is that being a highly demanding item in details, every third year it must be renewed to give freshness and innovation to the hotel and it doesn’t matter how many times a guest visits them, you will always have a unique experience, we know that this implies a great logistical and economic movement. As experts, in Iteknia we have developed a successful scheme so that our clients can have a partial or total renovation of the furniture periodically through a “leasing” model, in this way they manage to stay on trend and updated, generating a distinctive hotel experience and without generating economic wear in your flows.

At Iteknia we are passionate about challenges, ¡You can trust us with your project!