In the Industry and environment of Hospitality it is very frequent that we hear the concept ¨FF&E¨, for its acronym in English: Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment, which refers to furniture, accessories and equipment, it is a term that was originally conceived in the Accounting part, was the way to group all the concepts of expenses that in a work or project were for equipment. With the evolution of time this term has spread in such a way that now it is common to speak about the folder, project, budget, manager, accounting, team, etc. (because the concept has grown).

With the use of furniture supplies, accessories and equipment, the concept that the architectural designer has developed materializes. Decorative elements such as: accessories, art pieces, rugs, fabrics, lighting, mirrors, chairs, wall covering, window treatments, etc.

Together these supplies will create aesthetic and comfortable environments in hotels, guaranteeing attractive design proposals for customers. It is important not to neglect the details since it is essential to know what the useful life of each element will be and to plan in the best possible way to satisfy the needs and scope of the project.

The companies that are specialized in ¨Contract¨ projects, we not only distinguish the term ¨FF&E¨, but we also operate the term ¨OS&E¨, which stands for Operating Supplies & Equipment. In Hospitality due to the large amount of equipment, both terms are usually separated. A company that is in this environment must identify it, and work together, with both purchasing teams and development of these concepts.

At Iteknia, the knowledge, management and procedures of ¨FF&E¨ and ¨OS&E¨, allow us to give agile attention to all projects. To give efficient communication, and the concepts flow clearly and safely. This allowing us to successfully guarantee your ideas.