A “Turnkey” project involves the design, manufacture, supply and installation of furniture until the customer receives the “key” so that they can enjoy the perfectly finished and functional facilities.

From a supply point of view, “FF & E” means that you are not only a supplier but you also become a contractor. The contractor is on site, interacts with the working space and with the other contractors, lives on the site.

Carrying out a “turnkey” project has a very high level of responsibility, it requires a lot of coordination with the company responsible for the project, the execution of the construction or renovation work, it is necessary to have total control of the entire process and any details that may arise during delivery and assembly logistics, to be just in time. When carrying it out, the requirements and needs are analyzed in detail, the unforeseen events are also studied and planned, in order to generate positive experiences that become a success for the entire team that participates.

An example of a “Turnkey” project of which we are extremely proud is the remodeling of more than 500 rooms at the María Isabel Sheraton Hotel in Mexico City (an icon of the city). We delivered and installed all the furniture, curtains, pictures, mirrors and lamps on time and in a satisfactory way, creating, together with the other companies and contractors, a magical experience for investors and guests who, to date, continue to enjoy of those magnificent facilities.

At Iteknia we are passionate about this process, and we are experts! We are ready to carry out your Turnkey Project.