The impression you leave on your guests when they arrive at the lobby, causes many expectations of the space that are yet to be discovered due to its numerous details and furniture designed for their comfort that, strategically seek the loyalty of your client. However, to captivate the audience, it will be necessary to create significant changes in the lobby, which can be important but necessary expenses, but … Is there a way to take care of the monetary budgets? Yes there is, and in Iteknia we have a scheme that you will want to use.

Leasing or financial leasing is two-year term contract approximately in wich you have the right to purchase, acquire, modify or maintain the furniture in the lobby of your hotel efficiently according to the vision and budget, since we must remember that This area of accommodation is where the most monetary funds are allocated to keep your guests feeling awe at each visit.

In Iteknia, with the Leasing + Contract scheme, innovative and quality products are used that are susceptible to being re-upholstered or remodeled, achieving substantial savings with excellent results that also significantly reduces its ecological footprint to reduce our impact on the environment. .

However, our furniture maintenance is carried out in record time in an efficient way to return the essence, life and soul of each piece, working discreetly to prevail the comfort of the guest at all times.

We are meticulous in design to provide an exquisite style in each installation, since customer satisfaction will be ours too.