Foro IMSS 2018

In the framework of the Health and Safety Promotional Forum 2018 of the IMSS Jalisco, the companies, Grupo Modelo, Vantex and Iteknia presented a report on the results obtained from the Safety and Hygiene Program in Occupational Risk Prevention.
Iteknia has been in this program for 8 years, being the youngest of the participating companies invited for its excellent results achieved.

An indicator presented was to lower the Risk Premium to 0.58, as a result of actions such as:

5 IMSS medical internships at the Iteknia facilities.
Hand care courses.
Noise measurement by work stations.
Study of personal security equipment.
Verifications of safe installations.
Campaigns against diabetes and obesity.
Internal drills and with other companies in the Industrial Zone of Guadalajara.

Iteknia thanked the PAMEZI Group companies: MaxiGas Natural, Condumex, Almex, Boehringer Ingelheim, Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Heineken, Simec Group, Sigma Alimentos, Pisa Pharmaceutical, Zeta Gas, PyMPSA, Silos Tysa, ALVEG, Emerson, Cetesis, Ponderosa Ecofibras, Pratsa and Bomberos Guadalajara for the support it has received over the years.

Our Director, Mr. Eduardo Macías, received the recognition granted to our company for the coordination work with the Mexican Institute of Social Security and the goals achieved.