Thanks to Iteknia’s experience in supplying furniture for this type of area, we can share some of the main points to consider:

1.- Humidity resistant furniture

Remember that spas are composed of saunas, pools, jacuzzis, etc. therefore this becomes the main characteristic.

2.- Special Care in Design and Materials

The care that is put into the Design and use of suitable Materials is very important; Moisture-resistant woods such as Teak, Pucté, Cumarú or Parota, making combinations with Waterproof Boards and Metals such as Aluminum and Stainless Steel, are materials that provide the necessary guarantee in this type of area.

3.- Easy Maintenance and Cleaning Guarantee

Furniture must be designed in such a way as to facilitate these activities for the operator, guaranteeing clean and sanitized furniture.

4.- Fabrics with special characteristics

The fabrics used in a Spa area must be carefully selected considering one or more of the following characteristics:

Fabrics with Acrylic, Olefinic composition of high design, Soft to the Touch, Resistant to Abrasion due to its Double Rubs, Anti-Flame manufacturing, Anti-fungal Treatments etc.

Harmony, tranquility, cleanliness and comfort are some of the messages that should be perceived when arriving at a space with excellent interior design and special furniture, where the guarantee of a beautiful and comfortable environment for the user is the main and only purpose for that the client’s emotional experience remains.

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