Written by: Eduardo Macías
It was a great pleasure to find Architect Joaquín Homs in the Milan Furniture Fair presenting once again one of his designs for the Spanish brand Point. The Armadillo model is a comfortable and spectacular swing Contract made with materials for outdoor use.

Architect Joaquin Homs has made several designs with a Contract quality. He is one of the most qualified experts in Interior Architecture with vast experience in hospitality, including project manager at the Cique Du Soleil established in the Riviera Maya, México.

Certainly, as a follower of his work, I admire his great ability to reinvent every step, respecting the requirement of the project, but always putting on it his personal touch of quality and refined taste.
We take this meeting to visit together the most important Furniture Fair and learn from it with his observations on the materials, forms and manufacturing trend in the most representative brands in design.

Architect Joaquin Homs shared exhibition space with Barcelones Francesc Rife born in San Sadurní de Noya, another connoisseur of the Contract, who has been recognized for its rehabilitation work in the Caro Hotel, one of the top ten boutique hotels in Spain, the hotel also functions as a small museum. In the same fairgrounds we find Francesc Rife who shared a long chat with the Arq. Joaquín Homs.

Joaquín Homs: www.joaquinhoms.com
Francesc Rifé: www.rife-design.com
Point: http://point1920.com/, http://www.point.es