Caso práctico de un proyecto Contract

Practical example of Contract-Iteknia project step by step.

Written by: Eduardo Macias.

I met with some of my colleagues from The Chamber of Furniture Industry of the State of Jalisco (CIMEJAL) and also members of the Association of Furniture Manufacturers of Jalisco (AFAMJAL), I explained my intention to be a promoter of the Contract ecosystems. The more companies in Mexico having the level of quality for Hospitality, more attractive will they be for global markets and demand for our products will increase, benefiting national and Furniture Sector economy, so I address this to my colleagues above to fulfilling my promise to readers of my previous post presenting an example of a Contract-Iteknia project.

Thanks to the prestige gained in Iteknia as Company Contract of Mexico, we were invited to compete equipping Maria Isabel Sheraton Hotel in Mexico City. I will take this project as a basis, due to the excellent methodological way it was and it is one of the three projects where we have supplied: lamps, pictures, furniture and curtains, installed per room.

In this development especially I take care of two aspects:

  1. Assuring the confidentiality of my client’s information.
  2. Display points form Check list to be short in the number of steps and only annotating notes in which well suits. I will reserve join in more detail and will be at the orders of my readers when they request me directly or publicly.

This is not a post for an entertaining read, is a consultation document that can be a list of important activities for other companies to enter and compete in such projects.

Without further ado I present then a sequence of activities and documents that happen in this type of Contract projects.

Supplier Selection stage

  1. Hotel project owner sometimes hires a management company or Construction Management or Project.
  2. Project Management Feasibility Assessment performs the contestant companies. Soliciting: CV, financial statements, descriptions of personnel, machinery, certificates sustainability of raw materials, information about the personnel company, references.

Delivery stage of Model Room/b>

  1. Invitation to bid model room and sample presentation.
  2. Signing of confidentiality of information.
  3. Delivery of FF & E project. (Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment), is a compendium of specifications for the equipment.
  4. Clarification of specifications.
  5. Delivery of model room quote and physical samples of all parts.
  6. Evaluation by the customer of the pieces and hiring model room (this does not guarantee any advantage in the project).
  7. Client requests of adjustments to the samples so the model room adhere to the expected product.
  8. Production of prototypes and adjust to the desired product by the customer.
  9. Supply and installation of model room.
  10. Review of the Model Room by the Designer and the Corporate Hotel.
  11. Conduct of proceedings for improvement.
  12. Making corrections to the samples.

FF & E Competition Stage

  1. Delivery of the contest base by the client to the selected suppliers.
  2. On these bases can apply:
  1. Safety, Health and Environment Questionnaire.
  2. Letters of recommendation and certificates of delivery – receipt of the latest works of this type of project, describing terms and costs.
  3. Certificate issued by your insurance company, stating the maximum amount available to take out a policy against all risks.
  4. Certificate issued by the bonding company stating the top of consolidation available at the time of the company.
  5. List of providers usually used to stock up, indicating annual average of purchases (with contact information)
  6. Operating Procedures for the selection of competent subcontractors and methods of categorizing safety regulations.
  7. Description of methods that will be implemented to verify coordinating the work of subcontractors. Include examples.
  8. CV of the management personnel suggested for the project implementation.
  9. Procedure for coordinating the work of subcontractors with the required level of quality.
  10. Value of CAD resources, details and support if they belong to the company.
  11. Copying organizational politics and safety and health regulations and how health, safety and incident prevention are implemented.
  12. Training programs related to the areas of health and safety and the percentage of their staff trained and what type of training they had in the last two years and include copies of the latest training program.
  13. Means at its disposal to achieve and maintain satisfactory levels of safety in the project. Include examples of: audit reports, inspection programs, checklists of safety standards, etc.
  14. Procedures for calculating risks.
  15. Control system for compliance with health and safety standards in your company. Statistics of accidents in the last five years and projections for security for next year.
  16. Format of “Determination of insurance premium work risks arising from the annual review of the accident rate” (IMSS) in the previous and current year.
  17. Procedure to mitigate environmental impacts in the project.
  18. Description of areas of competence, knowledge, experience or equipment in your business that could be useful in the project.
  19. IT systems, software and application procedures in the project.
  20. Listings equipment, machinery, physical and logistical means plants owned.
  1. Information with Affidavit:
  1. Latest 2 (two) financial statements audited by external counter (send copy of professional card counter and registration at Accountants School).
  2. Copies of the last annual tax declaration.
  3. Copies of the Tax Identification Number.
  4. Copies of the Constitutive Act including the power to sign of the legal representative.
  5. Copies of the Technical and Administrative organization chart.
  6. Authorization research at Credit Bureau.
  7. Copy the format of the determination of the premium in the insurance Occupational Hazards resulting from the annual review of accidents in the last 2 years.
  1. Board of clarification Bases. (Can be a written clarification stage).
  2. Delivery of commercial and technical proposals by the supplier.
  3. Because some clients hire their construction management for the acquisition of FF & E often request that the business proposal or quotation is presented as a civil work, with the items listed soon. This mechanism from our experience is a common misconception that strongly complicates the analysis and control of the project to the Project Management.
  1. Unit Price Analysis
  2. Costs of materials
  3. Relation of equipment and time costs
  4. Indirect Costs
  5. Direct Costs
  6. Program expenditures
  7. Determination of fee income
  1. Clarification of proposals.
  2. Allocation provider.

Recruitment Stage

  1. Purchase Order by the customer or contract signing delivery.
  2. Bonding and Insurance delivery.
  3. Delivery of Satic.
  4. Agreements:
  1. Work and delivery schedule.
  2. Percentage of retention or warranty repairs.
  3. Format to implement change orders.
  4. Format to price adjustment in case work offset.
  5. Time and release form background and bonds.
  6. (although all this is in the contract I wanted to mention it separately because of the importance it represents for the contractor).
  1. Signing of:
  1. Commitments of compliance with sustainability standards
  2. Commitments of report formats.
  3. Commitments of standards for environmental protection, hygiene and safety.
  4. Procedures for contractors.
  5. Site Security Policy.

Production Stage

  1. Delivery of technical drawings and physical finishing samples for validation signature.
  2. Reception-receiving advance payments.
  3. Validation of prototypes.
  4. Proofing on-site facilities to ratify the admission of furniture feasible, the walls bear the burden of furniture and curtains (or request reinforcements), ratify measures for the proper arrangement of furniture, check download sites and regulations for freight containers.
  5. Planning of measures for maneuvers considering the delivery schedule and weather conditions of the site.
  6. Delivery of production schedule, supply time, volumes, storage and delivery logistics to the customer.
  7. In case delivery comes in stages, development of recycling material.
  8. Waste Management Plan.
  9. In the case that an adjustment in amounts is required, present Change Orders and adjustments to documents of control.
  10. Control views by the customer and Insurance Company.

Physical Delivery stage

  1. Notice of completion ready for assembly.
  2. Check for assembly work situation.
  3. Labelling of goods by Piece + Container + For room number.
  4. Transportation Insurance.
  5. Report customer on, data transport, driver, insurance and transport log review.
  6. Procedure of receipt of goods to unloading truck.
  7. Report FF & E deposited in each room.
  8. Assembly process.
  9. The participation of the assembly staff in a talk about safety.
  10. Writing and review of the Construction syslog.
  11. Delivery of furniture to the construction management and review of quality and quantity.
  12. Delivery to the client by assembly sketches of each room.
  13. Customer comments and corrections by the contractor and in case of any pending, preparation of minutes commitment to correction.

Documents Delivery stage.

  1. FF & E estimated delivery format and quantity control, budget and repayment of advances.
  2. Support for entry of goods and receptions of Construction Management and Customer.
  3. Delivery of the list of personnel involved and their IMSS (Social Security) payment.
  4. Photographic document of the process.
  5. Sustainability support of raw materials used, flammability, and NOM ANCE lamps.
  6. Delivery of maintenance guides containing information about wood lacquers, fabric composition, washing instructions.
  7. List of suppliers of of the delivered equipment parts.
  8. A Guide for warranty application.
  9. Proof of conducting training courses for maintenance personnel and Housekeeper.
  10. Security of hidden defects.
  11. Proof of payment to suppliers or sub contracts.
  12. Cancellation of SATIC (Affiliate System of the workers of the construction Industry).
  13. Act of a substantial delivery or definitely termination of the construction.
  14. Final Payment estimated.
  15. Billing.
  16. As Built Plans.

I hope you find some answers on this list that can add to the better development of projects for supply of furniture in the hotel.

Any doubt I remain at your service.