Best wood for outdoor furniture

There are very well designed and classified materials so that the furniture has better durability outdoors.

Outdoor woods are especially in demand for their superior qualities against humidity, sun, insects and / or fungus. For use as wall coverings, structural fabrication and even furniture.

The key to a wood for outdoor use is its density, and its physical-mechanical characteristics: how it behaves, how much it moves, stability.

In the case of the density of the wood, it is regularly a high density, in such a way that it does not allow the absorption of moisture, which means less movement.

There are some woods too that are pest repellent for their resins or flavors.
Some examples are Teak wood, Tornillo, Parota, Cumaru, Iroko, Ipé, Pucté among others.

  • Teak wood has its origin in Indonesia. It has privileged strength qualities that make it ideal for all kinds of outdoor work. It produces a natural oil that reduces the need to use protective products and sealants, it is widely used for its high density, its interior resin that occupies the space of moisture, for all of the above, it is usually one of the most widely used woods worldwide.
  • Tornillo wood is used in Mexico and South America, as it is very dense and stable. It’s highly durable, easy to saw, with good gluing and finishing behavior.
  • Parota or Huanacaxtle wood grows mainly in Mexico and Central America, it is used in many cases as outdoor wood because it is very resistant, although not as dense. Its branches are large so they are used as planks, it is a type of wood with beautiful wood grains.
  • There are heat-treated or pressure-injection processes of preservatives to non-exterior woods that substantially increase their resistance, with the drawback that the natural beauty of the tones and grain is lost when treated.

Whatever wood we choose to subject to the weather, it is advisable to maintain it constantly, and coat it to give it adequate protection, and its life span is many years.

At Iteknia as experts, we have the responsibility to study the project and provide the material that best suits the needs of our clients, have a good supply in addition to being socially responsible and friendly to the ecosystem since we do not use woods that are not certified , are fully industrializable and sustainable.

Our commitment is not only to satisfy our customers, but also to take care of the planet with a responsible use of materials, our reference for the care of species is CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)